Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Solocypher featuring Scholarman 'Change Thru the Rhyme'

Get the latest hotness Here, a collaboration spanning the atlantic; Solocypher (myself) has hooked up with dope Maryland emcee Scholarman to produce a raw but smooth track over a superb beat by D'Logic. Titled 'Change Thru the Rhyme' the track demonstrates a hip hop aesthetic embracing creativity and positivity through fierce flows. Props to Scholarman for reaching out on this project, I'm sure you'll agree its a quality pairing.


conway said...

feelin it..dopeness

Anonymous said...

Nice one, I like it, good work. Hugely impressed with on the road tune release and blogging too. Would say keep it up... but equally make sure you're seeing as much as poss out there. Peas,xx

Daddio said...

Seriously impressive

I like it - very much