Monday, June 01, 2009

Diversity bring breakin back

Nice to see Britain's got talent repping for a bit of a hip hop with the win of Diversity on the show. I normally have a bit of cynicism towards these sort of shows, but BGT has sparked my interest as it's not just a kareoke/wannabee fest and loads more random shit goes on (loving the dancing cleaners last year)! I'm sure there is still a load of devious manipulation going on behind the scenes a la Ben Elton's Chart Throb satire, but good old Byker Grove memories won't let me believe it! PJ getting shot in the eyes by paintballs was finally worth it. Greedy ITV won't let me embed the blighter but you can check it out hereOr if you would prefer, a rediculously cringe inducing flashback to the Grove with the lovable Geordie duo! Curtains anyone?!

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