Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Truth 'Procrastinat(k)ing' Free EP

Get the Truth now For Free Right Here The 'Procrastinat(k)ing is probably one of the hardest EP titles to spell but well worth it. A sparkling Roc-a-Fella worthy intro music allows Truth to introduce the listener to his skills in no uncertain terms that makes you pin your ears back ready for some quality. Flipping up flows with panache and delivering the sort of punchlines that you only get halfway into the next bar, this is straight up quality hip hop. 'Numbers' extends abilities with the best numerical track since 10 Crack commandments. 'Officer' is an unusually well balanced critique of tunnel visioned 5 oh, cleverly analysing the link with anti terror legislation and draconian enforcement, seargeants should pay attention to this track unless they want to be mistaken for 'cuntsables'. Heavyweight rhymers Sonnyjim, Conflix, Grimlok and Kosyne help out with more standardly dope bars over all round great production from a variety of beatmakers to round out the E.P, however the real gem for me was 'Take Time' produced incredibly by Sivey. This is well worth a good few listens to really get into the life of times of the young Reginald. Great artwork to from Kimbo!

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