Sunday, January 09, 2011

Launch of 'Equality' movement....Lowkey, Logic, Jody McIntyre & Tariq Ali

The inaugral meeting of the 'Equality' movement spearheaded by Lowkey, Logic and Jody McIntyre proved immediatly impressive as due to demand the venue had to be moved to a larger lecture theatre, which itself was packed to capacity of around 500 people.

Speakers included Seamus Milne Guardian columnist and author of ‘The Enemy Within’,Lizzie Cocker political activist, Tariq Ali, a political commentator and campaigner who recently wrote ‘The Obama Syndrome’,Jody McIntyre writer for the Independent and author of ‘Life on Wheels’ and Dr. Hanan Chehata, commentator on Palestine and Middle Eastern affairs.

The lead question of 'What is Imperialism' was not debated as such, rather each speaker gave an empassioned overview of various elements of the anti-war, anti-imperiallist mosvement that has grown since the invasions of Iraq and Afgahnistan after the 9/11 attacks. There were some excllent points raised, especially in regards to the illegal Israeli imposed blockade of Gaza,the victimisation of protesters espcially young Muslim men by the policed, and examples of imperialistic aggression against civilians and children by Britian and America.

Unfortunatley, a debate it was not and the question and answer section after the initial speeches was hijacked by a lot of enthusiasic comments agreeing with all the previous speakers. Although encouraging to see such enegry it was a shame that there was no little internal criticism or debate, especially in regard to the initial question - What is Imperialism? Preaching to the converted is one thing, however the nature of imperialist capitalist hegemony means that levels of apathy in the general population must be addressed before a popular movement can really prove to be successfull. Although Lowkey was only present via a video speech, his presence was most definitely felt, and some of his views I have later found encapsualted in this important and provocating video for his track 'Terrorist?' below.

Regardless of lack of debate, the meeting showcased a lot of common sentiment against violent oppression everywhere, and was very inspiring. The next meeting is set to be even larger, I just hope the next one will begin to solidify some ideas for raising awareness, especially over the situation in Gaza, and direct action. For the time being I'm writing to my MP (probably not the most revolutionary of actions but its a start!)so watch this space...

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