Wednesday, January 19, 2011

New Talib Kwali - 'I'm On One' from Gutter Rainbows new album

Taken from his new album 'Gutter Rainbow's' this new track 'I'm on One' has Kwali looking nicely hyped in the video in a classic looking sweatbox of a hip hop club. I like the sentiment of the backing track vocals but not sure if it comes off all that well...Talib's flow is trademarkedly wordy but sounds dope in context of the current era where lyracism in rap music seems to have flown completely out the window. Having said that I didnt hear any quotables jumping straight at me, maybe I need to check it a few more times! By the way his album drops 25th of this month; a hip hop day for all as it is also the date when Homeboy Sandman will be blessing the marvelous Fat Gold Chain! (smoooth plug segue there or what!?)

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Encore Status said...

you right. its aight...nothing leaping out at me.