Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fat Gold Chain Live...Punning Clan, Mister P plus HLI and Sonny Jim goodness

Yes yes y'all its that time of the month again and a triple whammy of fresh hip hop is headed to Charlie Wrights (nr Old St Tube, London) this friday...make sure you get down to enjoy the vibes of the Punning Clan, HLI and Mister P and open mic hosted by me :)for more info check the Facebook Event ... in the meantime check the amazing HLI video for 'Vectors' hot off the press...I was lucky enough to join the crew on set and its definitely come out a treat; graf heads should especially dig the timelapse recorded piece being thrown up by another writing legend...heat!

Meanwhile Sonnyjim has been busy (when is he not?) working alongside the P.L.O to spit on a heavy guitar led track. The press release said it had Mudmowth on the track also, but I must have developed myopia; answers on a postcard to if you spot him please. The track has also been remixed Stateside with Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca and Curly Castro rocking the Mic in the style of the classic Smooth Da Hustla and Trigga Da Gambla's 'Broken Language' joint. The link to the remix is below Sonny's Joint, but I thought what the hell lets revisit the original as well...Enjoy!

Now Check the American Language Remix Here!

But dies it hold up to this!?

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