Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Onyx, Sonny Jima and Soul Kahn goodness

Sonny Jim - The Psychonaut EP
The Birmingham spitter ramps up his output in anticipation of the Psychonaught LP (apparently only available in Australia) to present a selection of tracks he recorded whilst travelling down under. I'm a big fan of Sonny's highly complex and humour stuffed verses but for me enjoy his style best when he's in reflective mode, and Lotek's remix of his 'Mission Statement' at the end of this EP is my favourite joint. Its a good showcase for the other spitters from various corners of the globe; but go get it quick as I think it's only available till the end of the month....Get it Now

Hip hop accross the pond is still lurking around if you care to dive into the grimy underground. Vocalswords favourite Soul Khan recently shot a video (at last) for my personal favourite 'Soul Like Kahn' tune from his free to download album. I think a few people have used this sort of edit before but love the way it's done here.

Meanwhile at the grimier end of the spectrum its good to hear of Onyx making a bit of a comeback with their 'Classic Terror'....if your gonna do thug music, do that shit properly!

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