Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mister P 'The Unheard' EP Review

Mista P's 'The Unheard' is an intense project combining psychedelic spiritual reflections with a socio political commentary sadly lacking in the apparant mainstream of popular and hip hop music. The title track drops highly involved subject matter over a mellow, haunting instrumentals that has a sinister backdrop of a snare giving an ominous military tatoo.

Cardboard Culture drops on the hyper vibe that P is known for at his numerous live performances, a mighty swift head nodder of a track with a wild west feel complete with whirl wind sound effect, this ends far too quickly and the need for a re-up really draws you into the multifaceted mind of this emcee. His pessimistic conclusions and observations often leaves him "trapped in a hum drum oddessy" but he presents the journey with a great style.

Carousel puts P squarly into the grinding rat race of everyday life, again presented with a lyrical imagination that paints bleak pictures in such an intruiging way you need to hear more. As P says 'I aint scared to say my tastes highbrow'...and I'm glad it is because this is a thinking persons record. Recognise.

P's highly textures rhymes sometimes can cloud over the real points he presents, however this trait is absent in the banging 'Moments'. Sleepy Time Ghost lays down a hypnotic boom bap beat as Mista P gets straight into his natural cynicism via the chicane of "Surrounded by dumbfounded products of capital, astoundingly poor sounding views are rational" as he casually sticks "a middle digit to the names and the branding, alone in the dark a sweets Brandy, trying to block out the Bill Boards and Eye Candy. True that...

The EP raps up with an up beat cheery production featuring the dulcet tones of Punning Clan shaker and mover BennyDiction who's blackberry and apple metaphores must be heard to be appreciated. The cheeriness of the beat is interestingly juxtaposed with observations on anorexia, alcohol and the corruption of young minds; expect nothing less and ask for your hip hop with a damn brain!

Check the EP out now at Bandcamp by clicking the album art work above, and then come and get a copy from the man in person at Fat Gold Chain (Charlie Wrights Jazz Bar, Old Street, London) this Friday or Love Music Hate Racism Saturday at Brixton Jamm.

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