Tuesday, July 19, 2011

New! Silent Knight, Manifest, Chima Anya, Roach Giggs plus Classic Skinnyman

Rolling into my summer has been pretty great so far, finding some time to read, catch up on music and generally relax...however it cant last long as I try to get some of my own material up off the ground, sort out Fat Gold Chain and generally try scheming to keep my head above the financial waters, life is hectic even when on holiday. Silent Knight appears to be in the same situation, laying it down in this smooth banger....
Silent Knight 'Busy is My Best Friend'

Twitter is a wonderful thing and whilst retweeing some of my boy Chima Anya's endless quotables stumbled accross this rediculously real joint from an emcee out of Ghana, Manifest currently putting work in the big bad Bronx....
Manifest 'Suffer'

Another man known for his random global positioning is (the Doctor) Chima Anya who's most recent video must surely be one of the most expensive rap videos ever made.. believe the hype andcheck this out as he joins forces with Soweto Kinch and Mr Mann. There are rumours abound that Mr Mann has retired from rapping; please listen to his verse then go create a petition to bring him back!

The Vocalswords mailbox has been pretty rammo lately, and Roach Gigs has often turned up with a slew of releases...his style isnt normally my cup of tea but I couldnt hate on this record due to the lively tune and sheer fun Roach is having making the video. What Hip hop is all about.
Roach Gigs F A Chrous

And just to remind ourselves in the UK that we can also lock down a track deriding repeated phrases in rhymes....all about the Mud Fam man....
Skinnyman Fuck the Hook

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