Tuesday, November 08, 2011

New Solocypher, Jeff Spec, and Submit plus Classic Eat Good Hip Hop!

New Solocypher on production from DJ Nifty.....I recently hooked up with LeeN (NLT) to finally make a start on some proper productions and this is the result; was a very good feeling to get a recording done professionally so see what you reckon. Solocypher - What The Fuss by Solocypher Jeff Spec has produced a pretty immense sounding album 'Specnology'; I'm just listening through it bobbing my head to some wonderful horns at the moment so havent had a chance to form a full view of the album as a whole; but its going to be a pleasure checking it out! Jeff says of the project "Over the past 10 months, I've been working on a record that I truly believe is my best yet (I know that's the standard thing to say, but I won't release a record unless I feel it tops my last). The album, called "Specnology", is up on Bandcamp now for preview/purchase. Go check it here. Eat Good have been doing some outstanding work with many of the dopest heads in UK; I believe there is a Sonny Jim/Foreign Beggars collab in the not too distance future. In the meantime I've gone back to 2009 to re-check this dope posse cut 'Planet Rasco' ; in particular check out the rediculous verse from my boy Truth, always reppin the East!!
Submit - Victory Lap....pretty excellent track; haven't heard much stuff doper stuff than this recently! Soon to have his Mixtape dropping, this track is a thank you to fans after winning a hypetrak.com competition; Get involved...... SUBMiT-Victory Lap by Bombay Knox

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