Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Solocypher's Hip Hop Christmas Countdown 1979-2011 - Number 32 - Sugarhill Gang - Rappers Delight

Greetings from a cold south London flat people! The world is not looking too rosy from this window at the moment; but let's not dwell on the negative for now and think about the upcoming festive season! I thought a good way to celebrate is to honour some of our hero's; and as such I humbly present the 'Vocalswords Christmas Countdown'; a journey through hip hop time and space. Please check the Solocypher Facebook page to like or add any of your favourite hip hop tunes from a particular year to make it a community history of hip hop....what will be Christmas number one!? (Shit too much SiCo sorry) So, officially (by record book standards anyhow) Hip Hop began (or at least) reared its recorded voice first in 1979. In that year, really only one record can truly be said to have set in motion the events, songs and history that combined to create the movement so many of us hold so dear...controversies over lyrics (shoutout to Casanova Fly!) aside; this is the jump off.... I've embedded the full length version with no video here; sit back in your time machine and imagine your self in a whole different era and world........

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