Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Evidence featuring Fashwan, Nate Dogg Hologram, Dat Kid and fresh Kyle Rapps

A DJ Babu cameo appearance to a cash strapped looking Evidence and Fashawn is telling of the hip hop game in general, but his prophecy shouldnt be taken seriously as these two seriously dope emcees kill a refreshingly lively boom bap track to a level that you'd expect from can even get the track free. (Go Google that ish I'll stick the link up when I find it!)

According to HipHopDX the legendary Nate Dogg will be appearing post humously in hologram form; and following the rave reviews of Tupac's back from the dead recently this is anther random hip hop event to look forward to!....Anyway the ever fabulous Audio Treats sent me this the other day and I thought it was pretty fresh....the fact that one negative poster thought it was 'the gayest thing ever' said a whole lot more about his mentality than reflected the ever fighting against prejudice and for positve rhyme skills please enjoy Kyle Rapps - Streets Move on without you taken from his 'On Air' project.

Stand Up records team are putting in some great work on the UK scene, and this kid, er....Dat Kid delivers a personal smasher that takes a real insiders view Justice system produced nicely by Bailey's Brown -Check the video for his track Home by 8....already I know heads will be feeling this

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