Sunday, January 06, 2013

Farewell 2012...What have we learnt? Skillz, Kendrick Lamar , Lefty and Styxmen

So 2012 is behind us now and as the first days of 13 ripple past we can look back having survived up till now the apocalypse and what looks to be a triple dip recession in the UK...our hatches seem pretty well battened down so bring it on. Last year was apparantly been a bit of a good one for hip hop here and abroad, and although work has kept me fairly well cocooned from it all albums from Ab Soul, the rise of Kendrick Lamar, seeing Hopsin and Crew smash live sets in London has kept alive my hopes of the US scene keeping it rugged and real, meanwhile the unstopable force of LeeN's London Lyracist Lounge has been supercharging the hiphop scene in London, while its been good to see Chima Anya getting some of the shine he deserves (hope you've already checked his masterpiece 'The Doctor's Note'), plus Bennydiction and the Punning Clan steadily making some big moves...all round it has all been pretty positive. Below I'm gonna throw down a few bits and pieces that either tie last year together or give a taste of what is to come in the Twenny One Trey..... Skillz Rap up of 2012...Not feeling the beat at all and as usual can't really catch a lot of the references as they are so US-Centric...however gotta show love as ever, and there are quite a few gems hidden in there...however more importantly eagerly awaiting the Mystro version Man of the year according to many and I couldn't agree more, I'm feeling Kendrick Lamar but seeing as the main exposure is given to him for moaning about bitches killing his vibes and drinking him getting vibes back again or not, I've been more interested in the heavyweight stuff like High Power...tell me this aint dope! Meanwhile back in London Lefty smacked me round the face with this visual feast of a video, with a tight flow and great stage presence at live shows with his crew the Legionarres he's putting in excellent work for hip hop. Plenty more where this came from too, find out yourself or watch this space. A load of Newness from the Christmas Stocking of Gmail has come through recently but I've had no internet at Vocalswords Towers so having to digitise live from the local library.....Thanks to everyone sending submissions for consideration, keep 'em coming to In the meantime..... Styxmen and Mogul have joined forces with Whitekey for this analysis on War 'Kachina Doll'...I'm really feeling the track but have a feeling the vocals need some sort of sound editing (or I just need to listen harder) either way good stuff, and I've left the link for all of Whitekey's stuff cause the dude has some absolute gems...

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