Tuesday, June 04, 2013

The Hip Hop Hunter - Fresh New Format ft All That Good Ish

So much hip hop, so little time. I've adopted a bit of a fresher posting style that I hope to continue, throwing in a lot more stuff into fewer posts. If you would like to contribute views or get material highlighted please email me solocypher@gmail.com or twitter @solocypher. The first section "New" might be a bit misleading as I often only catch up with tunes months after thier release; I hope this is forgivable. The first cut is from Statick Selectah which is a very encouraging example of how lyracism is still relevent....for me Black Thought absolutely tears the beat to pieces, and helps secure him in my personal "Top 5 Dead or Alive" rosta. It's a changebale and controversial list that everyone has their own opinions on, but for me (until I change my mind again!) its.......Rakim, Nas, Black Thought, 2Pac and Canibus......Get at me with your own!

New Releases

R-Jay ft G.M.I take the hiphop game 'Back to Basics' in this headnooder bought to life by an old school computer game styled video (somewhere between Atari and SNES graphics if my memory serves me well) Some great reflections on the old school aesthetics when emcees really concentrated on being fresh and being the best out of thier respective geographical areas.

Last post we bought you "Appertisers" from Bennydiction. It truly was a preparation for a main course, which Benny has released literally a few hours ago. I'm looking forward to digesting (poor pun sorry :) this, which comprises a selection of work the pair have written and composed between 2011 and 2012.....bringing in a posse of collaborators this is a diverse release with plenty of lyricism to enjoy. For me so far the life affirming "Holiday Snaps" and posse cut "Land & Sea" are getting the most pull ups. This EP itself is paving the way for thier "Life Moves" collaborative album, look out for that and in the meantime enjoy.

Got this short little banger from Stori in the mail. Initially I was a bit sceptical but after a couple of plays really got into this, ladies bringing that rawish.... Any track saluting anything that Method Man's ever done get the thumbs up from me.

Associated Minds are back with that heat provided by Metabeats, who in preparation for his second LP "Caviar Crackle" drops the joint "SLSBS" a sub sonic epic featuring vocals from Quelle Chris. Check it out

For a slightly slower summer vibe check out Chuck Inglish; one half of The Cool Kids who comes through with a slow-ass tour around his daily routine....listening in you can just imagine yourself sitting in one of those rediculous all American drop top whips as Chuck cruises around with his pager constantly blowing up....
Chuck is presenting this track alongside a freely downloadable EP inspired by a night cruising Austin Texas in drop tops; hence the cinematic feel...grab it here. 

For heads looking for a little more food for thought you should be interested in a track from Dan Status who keeps the sonics tasty but also provides some  interesting lyrics alongside  Marcus J. Higgins and Jon Blaq "Imagine if I had a son, intelligent and clever one his daddy where he get it from and anything he ever want his daddy where he get it from Mumma fine as hell drive a car, she get anyone" the hook keeps it all nicely together.

Hip Hop Radio

In this section I'm going to try and showcase HipHop shows, Radio Stations or Portals that are bringing the best rap and hiphop to the table; if you run or know of a great station (available online preferably) drop me a line at solocypher@gmail.com and I'll try to get it mentioned. So this time around......

Make sure you get your musical fix on a regular basis from the dons over at Itch FM The main site is constantly updated with new videos from US and UK, from live cyphers and freestyles to interviews and full videos its a constant stream of gems. The radio shows themselves also serve up some great blends, from classics mixed back to back to the most current in US, UK and Global hiphop and music. Recent shows I've been digging from Oli P, Thad Boogie and A.Gee check here

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