Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Lunatic Rap Music, Trippy Beats and a Fantasy Throwback

New Releases

As part of the work for album debut "My Grandma's Basement", Jarren Benton has hooked up with label mates SwizZz and internet rap phenomenon Hopsin for a typical off the wall video featuring young Hop as a trailer park specimen slagging of hip hop as the intro. Since seeing Hop and his crew live in London a few months ago, and judging by the immediately huge you tube views this is already getting, looks like Jarren, Hopsin, crew and own brand of cartoon lunacy and indie style soul searching are about for the long haul....no bad thing in the VS opinion

HipHop institution Fat Beats Records just uploaded the video for "My First White Girl"  from The White Mandingos' (Murs, Darryl Jenifer of Bad Brains and Sacha Jenkins SHR) debut album, The Ghetto Is Tryna Kill Me. A quirky, tongue in cheek video featuring some slightly seedy middle aged groupie-ism provides the back drop to a great track reminiscing on an old relationship. Murs gives a thought provoking account with a chorus "Racist bullshit came from both sides, my first white girl, her first black guy." Personally I had to rewind the reference "She looked like Tapenga from Boy Meets World" and couldnt resist a quick google image search for the marvelous Maxim shot above! 


If after all that social commentary you need to chill out or refresh your head check out this from Beatoven, a deep bass sound combines with glitchy electronica to create a nice instrumental track accompanied by some mind melting trippy graphics. Courtesy of Another Music 


For something a little more rugged in terms of hip hop styalistics check this first single from Duke Westlake's upcoming instrumental project on Mellow Music Group. 

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