Wednesday, September 04, 2013

World Peace! Dizzy Wright, REKs, AF Rome, DJ Philly

Anyone who uses the hook "I represent World Peace" will get my attention; I heard the audio for this a few weeks ago and was blown away; now very pleased to get the heads up from Audible Treats that the visuals are here too........this guy gets my thumbs up all day long; throw your peace signs up and go download the mad tasty Mixtape "The Golden Age"  that dropped recently. Lyricism, dope beats and quality is returning to Hip Hop. 

Itch FM is putting the hiphop Trackside Burners from DJ Philly; this episode has a crazy tracklist including a dose of classic UK bangers, with 'Coz We Rebel' a blast from the past from classic London crew the 57th Dynasty. Check the show here. 

25th hour, bit of a throwback here but couldne belive I hadn't posted it before; pure ill bars as ever from Reks, check the third verse especially for some #hiphoped

Switching to party mode for a minute; this AF Rome dude got some charisma and knows how to throw a decent party; check the jam.

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