Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fredro Starr, Granville Sessions, Audible Doctor, Professor Green

As a long time Onyx fan its great to see Fredro Starr bringing some New York perpsective to a haunting Audible Doctor banger. Fredro is introspective to an extent I'm not used to hearing as he's seperated from his Onyx brethren, though the hard street description means you're never spearated from the groups essence, built from a town where "You gotta have street smarts". Freddro paints a picture of his environment in which he is more than comfortable, tripling his cash through sports betting and coke dealing, atestamernt to a street life committed to getting paper running directly parrallel to the legitimised nexas of high finance "New York stand strong like that Bull on Wall Street" head nod shit for real. 

Repping the London scene on a regualr basis with ill shows accross the capital, with a contant thread of banging beats, introspective and entertaining lyrics delivered with razor shar precision reminicisnct of the best of the boom bap ere, the boys from Granville have delivered a great new album with the lead single presented here in a classic video, with fellow ill spitters Jester Jacobs and Oliver Sudden enhancing the vibe in thier inimitable style.

Audible Doctor is bringing the heat repping' 100 Mad but also is gearing up for his latest project the EP "Summer Tape"....showcasing Oddisee and Hassaan Mackey on "The Vibe" "Read between the raps to find the greater truth, within the lines"

After not checking Professor Green for a while, I was very impressed with track"Read all about it" which features Emile Sande in a track that is incredibly honest and powerful


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