Saturday, October 05, 2013

Fountain of Youth, LDon The Cut ft Supernatural, AC MC & King Camil

Vocalswords has been recieving a whole heap of music recently, and one of picks of the bunch is a debut release from Boston outfit 'Fountain of Youth' is a classic posse cut with each emcee demonstrating great skill and love for hiphop. Dont sleep.

Somebody say "I Love Hip Hop!" is done; great fresh track celebrating the music we love from LDontheCut featuring Supernatural, this is the third single off LD's debut album Patiently Anxious out in November.

Shout outs to all the heads in the twittersphere; I read recently there are something like a billion tweets per second being sent now, and that number is growing "@-ing" people is becoming a lot more important. Glad DnB emcee @ACtheMC did so I could check out these these flows with a showmanship flair not always present in the UK hiphop scene.....

Finally, I stumbled across this fine slice of country life while perusing my MP3Waxx emails. A lot of stuff coming from those guys is very much in the hustler/thuggin' vein so good to hear a more traditional bluesy sound from King Camil with a humorous, nicely flowing storytelling style track berating his relationship and himself. It follows with a freestyle where King's lyrical dexterity is also shown off; and the introduction of his herd of cows in the middle gives an authentic touch! Hip hop doesn't get realer than this, literally.

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