Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Rap Beef smells good plus smashing tunes from UK & US

Eminem has stirred up a bit of excitement with his recent 'Rap God' track and has invoked the wrath of Casual, who's has responded with 'He Still think he Rap God' Some good barbs are made by the Hieroglyphics emcee who seems to have taken offense at Em's appropriation of his own 'Rap God' monika.....I'll I ve been thinking since is "What about Pusha T!?"....perhaps its OK to be just "The New God"....maybe the three of them need a group therapy session, some interesting God complexes could be ironed out. Either way, this current trend of real emcees putting a lot of time and thought into huge amounts of lyrical bars is fine with me and looking good for the rap game as a a whole.

In other rap release news; WANJA@Istillloveher has put me onto a lot of heavy jams recently; especially this track from Crew 54 featuring Showtyme is taken from upcoming Wyld Gentlemen project. Verse 2 smashes it for me, "Fighting for the jet black souls of mortal men". Let Freedom Ring!

Not sure how old this is but Logic comes with the big issues as ever, one to contemplate on alongside a heavy video directed by Logic himself.

Jman has hooked up with syllable smashing Dr Syntax for an incredible juggernaught of a tune with a nice hook from Eva Lazurus, this is a classic festival smasher check the video right now!

Finally this post, Cuda Brown drops a nice video for "Still Beast".....From the first few bars I thought this was going to be a bit of a standard braggadocio type flow but as Cuda gets into his stride rapping about small town claustrophobia and shaving Yeti's I starting getting into this cat's style. Heavy stream of concious flow backed up by hot tatooed women playing poker in Mexican Wrestling masks, this is a winner!

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