Friday, December 27, 2013

Shopping Inferno plus Late Gifts from Dizraeili, Fountain of Youth, Granville Sessions and Anacron

Yo! Before we get into the hiphop realm I thought I'd just post this little image I threw together; I tweeted it and it's having an unusual amount of success so fingers crossed it sends a few interested readers this way; who knows it might even create a few new hiphop fans! Spot the Difference! Dante's version of Hell versus Boxing Day at Westfield!

And now to more familiar territory! Greetings all I hope this finds all hiphop heads around the world in a relaxed mood; here in blighty the Christmas spirit is fighting through despite some pretty grim weather and a plague of tonsilitus through Vocalswords Villas. Koaste picked up Dizraeli's christmas eve take on the Queen speech so to get your mind lubricated please get round the fire, roast some nuts and enjoy.....

Now the first full length present comes from thoses Boston whipper snappers 'Fountain of Youth' who have taken over thier local Chinatown to film their latest heater.

Next up is a real treat that I'm glad I checked out early from the mailbag, still have a ton of stuff to get through but for me this is a real hip hop classic, check it out from Anacron...

My brothers from the Granville Sessions recorded this a while back and I'm not sure how long its been roaming online but they posted it in an xmas tweet so I thought I'd spread the seasonal cheer...check the B-Boy poses at the end; not sure if Crazy Legs would co-sign but keeping the culture in the hearts and minds of the people is the main thing!!

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