Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Endemic, Dudley Perkins, Knightstalker, B.o.B, Chris Brown and more all getting busy

Dudley Perkins has just release his latest LP "Dr Stokely" and it's a 100% existential banger. Im about four tracks in listening via the Mello Music bandcamp page and already need to dip in the pockets for credit card to buy this bad boy! Great off the wall beats with incisive but mad imaginative lyrics; get involved! 

One of Deutschland's finest Nightstalker has just released an EP produced by Falling Down & Nasty who provide some heavyweight Shoalin inspired beats while NS and compadres get down to business spitting some very decent bars. "Times have Changed" is particularly heavy and notable as a bit of a Killarmy reunion; 9th Prince links with Wu affiliate Dark Skinned Assassain who both make  striking appearances with that classic flow. Get it free at the link above. 

Go crazy to this......B.O.B. looks to be making it into the bigtime nowadays; a phenomenam when I saw him back at Hiphop Kemp a good few years back; he's rocking to a hype jam, not particularly inspiring lyric wise but it's got that massive sound that might get people interested in checking out his body of work, where a lot of gems are hidden including the collab he recently did with Eminem. He does get down with a pretty funny number reference but other than that pure club!    http://mp3waxx.com/jobfolders/bobthrowback/index.html

And just through the inbox; Endemic is gearing up for the release of "Terminal Illness 2"....the first installment was definitely a classic so looking forward to this release, not sure how many UK features are on this one but will wait and see; in the meantime get an earful of this.....

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