Monday, August 18, 2014

Ras Kass, P.A.T, Lil Futa & AmaZin

I was having a conversation with an actor doing a great job of promoting the work of Alexander Von Humbolt, an explorer and scientist who saw the need for an approach to science that could account for the harmony of nature among the diversity of the physical world. We explored the nature of education in its current system which has a huge tendency to categorise and isolate and subjects, as oppose to education that allows to see the 'bigger picture'. We discussed how there are no formal lessons in how to recognise and analyse propaganda; and the conversation came to mind whilst listening to this excellent track by Patrick "P.A.T. Barnett". Have a listen and remember, "What you see on TV is a smoke and mirror factory"
At Vocalswords we endeavour to provide a blog that presents hip hop in a positive light and as a counter weight to mainstream dominance but understand that often the backgrounds of artisits and subject matter that underground artists present may not always necessarly be uber positive, but when we do post music containing these themes we try to do it when emcees present the content in an artisic, realistic or retrospective manner. Lil Futa has jus posted a mixtape that fully fulfills these criteria and is well worth checking out, especially as the production by AmaZin is  well worthy of the self  accalaimed accolade.

Track to Watch - Just BARS  ft Chuck Kayocee

"yall the kinda niggas that get chicken from lies
but aint a nigga in the world that is crooked as I....
I had it hard coming up
but a nigger never cried
my uncle was up in the pen
my daddy he had just died
grew up with out a dad i gues a nigga traumatised
mumma had a different nigga living on the side "

And finally, a blast from the past from the Van Gogh of Rap, Ras Kasiano; who releases the Goldyn Chyld Album on Bandcamp. Plenty of tracks you've heard before but well worth checking the whole project.

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