Friday, August 01, 2014

Solocypher - Elephantitus Album

I'm excited to anounce the arrival of my first studio album 'Elephantitus' (available via Bandcamp, click on the album art above, look out for clean and explicit lyric versions) ; it was recorded by Chemo at Kilamanjaro Studios in South London, UK and is the result of the last few years rapping and lving in Elephant & Castle, and contains a variety of tracks documenting London and hiphop life, hopes and fears.   

Kicking off with 'Welcome to Elephant' produced by my flatmate-at-the-time James, the track gives a little tour of the Elephant and Castle area of South London, its sights, smells and feelings of the local people. The album features a guest appearance from my long time collaborator and friend Doctor Chima Anya on the super lively 'Anthem' produced by Fat Gold Chain DJ TacticK; a document as to why we spend so much time and effort on the cruel mistress that is hiphop (see performanc photo below)

Many beats are provided by one of my main dudes from my home town of Ipswich, DJ Nifty aka Sulako....Nifty has sent me piles of excellent beats over the years and there is plenty more to come from this collaboration, but on the album the funky 'Bad 2 tha Bone' is a favourite cheeky banger, and his work on 'Candide' and 'Lord Knows' gave me the inspiration to create a couple ot thematic tracks. 

Fat Gold Chain collaborators TacticK and DJ Dave provide the backdrop to an ode to the importance of love and family on 'Be Kind'. Further contributions come courtesy of DJ Sugai who provides some ace DJ Premier inspired cuts on 'Eco-Tech' and Dooban who gets mega technical on my lyrically dense 'Figureskating Lessons' track.  The album also features Mista P and Mole D as lyrical guests and thier contribution makes double time track 'The Chasm' produced by JG Beats a personal favourite. 

Album Tracks have so far been supported by DJ 279 on Choice FM and on the LC Show on Itch FM so massive shouts to those guys and all support on social media. For now enjoy a few album tracks I've splurged on Sound cloud and if you're feeling em please go get the whole album (Free download or Pay What U Like!) 

For those interested in more Solocypher stuff check right here.

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