Friday, September 16, 2005

Live from New Street!

Oh gosh, what the hell am I doing!? I can only just see the computer screen through mashed up squinty eyes, and am stuggling to type on the McDonalds prison style keyboards...I have spent the nightinBirmingham town centre as a result of the Beatties work party last night...Im not 100% sure what happened but I was supposed to be going to a Blak Twang gig after the party; I turned up at the Medicine Bar to find it completely baricaded and desolate so wandered the streets until I found a vacant bus which I entered using that usefull entry button they have by the door! Fell asleep on the back seat and was awoken by an understandably irate bus driver hahaha! Realising it was going to be too difficult to return to SellyOak, I decided to tuff the rest of the night out in town, and ended up getting almost an hours rest at New Street Station(on the floor, the waiting rooms arnt open that early in the morning!) then woke up and have spent the rest of the morning hanging around maccy dees which thankfully has this internet terminal! Its now 7.45, start work at 9-lovely hahaha! Looking forward to the Cotswold gig, trying to learn my lyrics off by heart and am attempting to rhyme over some DnB goodness from Mr Nifty! SIckness, catchyall later, hopefully writing from a more civilised location! Peace, Solo

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nifty said...

You are a poor excuse for a man.