Saturday, December 13, 2008

Big Boi recieves award from Dr. Cornel West

As a long time fan of OutKast, a group whose vision and creativity has influenced me and many others, it was great to stmble over this clip of Big Boi recieving the 2008 Renaissence Award. Dr West is an incredibly eloquent and cerebral intellectual; as demonstrated briefly here - whose work on race, religion and culture have been influential accross America and the world...also, any film buffs may be impressed that he was a central force in the development of the "Matrix" storylines and played a cameo in the last two films...


Jon said...

Yo. Here's a comment for you - get someone who is good at general artistry to redesign that god damn logo. I have hated it since time began, and it makes the website look like something from the first days of the web.

Other than that, good work on keeping the news flowing - I sure as hell can't be assed to do the research which you do, so keep it up!


Chima Anya said...