Sunday, December 28, 2008

Protect Ya Neck! Its Mr Shaodow!

This dude doesnt just talk the talk; a martial arts expert and lyrical wordsmith the kid is nice over any beat he chooses to rip into. Couple this with a dude who has rediculous work ethic and knack for having fresh videos is second to none and you can tell theres some quality. I saw him live a few months ago and he ripped it down; Check the 'Grime' single here, a track that has drawn attention through Channel U and Choice FM spins.

Mr Shaodow is an emcee not afraid to rock over a wide variety of beats produced by Offkey, and its good to know that part of the mission statement is to encourage "MC's to stop taking the easy route when it comes to their music as it ends up hurting their art." In terms of creativity these guys are on point and its well worth checking for more gems. I'll leave you with this one though - what would you do when you see "A Black man coming"?

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