Friday, May 01, 2009

Shed a tear for these poor rappers

Despite the wealth, glamour and prestige associated with being a rap superstar it would appear that live aint all chicken and beer. Nas and Kelis have just announced they are to divorce which is sad news...however I had to smirk at a different story; the trial of DMX who is being prosecuted for impersonating an FBI Officer after he pulled some dude over on the highway and tried to arrest him, apparantly he has a 'spare' flashing light in his care for when he feels like making a citizens arrest!

On a completely different note having some time out to read and experience different media has lead me to the incredible "Tokyo Cancelled" by Rana Dasgupta a sort of updated Canterbury Tales that incorporates mindbending displays of awesome narrative and magical realism. I also wanted to remind myself to read Soul Mountain by exiled Chinese Nobel winner Gao Xingjian. I leave this post with a picture of Ganesha, a Hindu deity a keep stumbling across in a lover of learning and a hero of the common person I thought he'd make a great talisman for Vocalswords!

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