Tuesday, May 26, 2009

New GTA Video and Higher Ground Review

Chima and Ineff breaking it down smooth in this classic hip hop party video! Loving the vibes especially the sunglasses indoors look...shit I aint rocked that since primary school discos haha! .
Quality work fellas, and while you check this make sure you get Chima's Higher Ground Mixtape here I finally found a Vietnamese cyber lab that let me check it and it bangs, beats by Samiam and Hudson Mohawk come slamming out of nowhere as Chima brings his trademark swagger, humour and slanted view on life. Laugh out loud moments come thick and fast along with the satisfaction of hearing an already dope emcee having upped his game lyrically whilst gaining a very contemporary edge. Standouts for me where the classic remakes of Paid in Full (Laid 'em all...you can guess the theme) and Ill Street Blues, great homages to some classics. You've gotta love the catchy yet venom fuelled cut of "Your the biggest Cnt" where Chima lays into a foe who has obviously done a fair amount of shafting in the recent past. Lots more hotness as well but my hands down favourite has got to be Drunken Rant where C gets deep into his mentle life as a doctor and the expectations society has; a brutally honest track that shows the maturity lurking under the foul mouth of this dude

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