Thursday, July 09, 2009

What the hell is a Brick Pelican?

Having a hideous Mezca hangover in a strange Mexican hostel seems the appropriate time to get around to reviewing this little gem. Its been playing randomly on my MP3 for a while now, but this album is well worth a good sit down and listen as its bloody good. Those familiar with COTD fam (Macarbe Brothers are Lee Scott and Monster Under the Bed) will already be prepared, but if not you need to make sure you leave any sense of morality at the door as concepts, language and imagry are course to say the least. Having said that the skill evidenced on the mic and the board seem to fully justify everything.

A wickedly bizarre Muppets sampling intro just about gets you ready for the roulette wheel of fortune, a gamblers tale of woe laced with a great Biggie sample intertwined with our heroes blaggin betting tips from cretinous drunks. Critical Mass Hysteria moves into more authentic dope hip hop masterly treading the line between boom bap space cadet rap and genuine homegrown UK slice of niceness from the dirty drug addled brain side of life. Moron Tick had me grinning at the lesson in proper pronounciation and the hook with "f##k superman and batmans a b!tch" is quality. This is the Run DMC adidas endorsement equivelent. On crack. Phoneys Step Off brings more braggadocious goodness, dark and angry but still good stuff.

Bizzy Bodies bemoans cops wanting to shift me for a half spliff, laced up shoe size bigger than his IQ size...this track gives no benefit of doubt but then tricking plod into getting blazed with the lads and them filming it does make them seem a bit rediculous (in the world of the Brick Pelican anyways) Some Cold Shit comes heavy with claims to being raw come with boasts of drinking Capri Sun without a thats real! Loads of quality lines on a nicely downtempo but wickedly addictive beat, and the album has great production throughout. Great Grand is a nice concept track following the life of grizzly OAPs tying bandanas to respirators, pimping grannies, throwing bombs on bowling greens and loads more baddass gangsta ish. The finale Men who stare at Goats has a wicked piano laced track you can nod to all day, abuse the booze and refuse to use intelligence sets it off and somehow feels like a confessional even through standard brutality of lathargic, when I make your barnet part from your neck...everyones offended but dont give a f##k. Now this is the sort of stuff that needs a rewind. Go get the damn thing here. Anyone who knows what a Brick Pelican is please let me know!


Pelican Cases said...

Do I know what a brick pelican is, No. But do think that your blog is very well done and very interesting. As a lyricist myself, I think that Vocalswords is a great name. I love samples in tracks (even though its over used these days) and I think this group will be the ideal example of true underground artists.

Ali Bongo said...

i think your getting brick pelican mixed up with the mcabre brothers cd - bisy bodies isnt on brick pelican