Saturday, July 11, 2009

Gangsta Rap Made me do it

Hanging out in Mexico is definitely an experience to be enjoyed, and along the way along with learning about indigenous cultures, customs and architecture, have also picked up some more contemporary interesting works. Among these have been excellent recent Ice Cube album that manages to channel the venomous anger of a younger O´Shay Jackson into a darkly intelligent questioning of commonly accepted rules of gangsta hood life. Ice Cube holds weight in hip hop history second to none through the development of so called Gangsta Rap embodied in seminal group NWA, home also to a young Dr. Dre. The political element of O´Shays lyrics were often overlooked amid media hyperbole and interest from FBI elements.

This album lands a heavy slap in the face to those accusing Gangsta Rap of various crimes, retorting with
"I do Gangsta Rap
They want to blame the world problems on Gangsta Rap
It's our fault;
Coz motherfuckers are dieing in Iraq
It's our fault;
Coz motherfuckers is starving in Africa
It's Gangsta Raps fault;
That people are poor
Can't get enough to fucking eat or live their life
(That's bullshit)
That's rap musics fault.
It's rap musics fault;
we got all these god damn laws, and restrictions and shit we can't do
(That's bullshit)
They blame it all on us
I'm blamin' them motherfuckers for Gangsta Rap
Because if they didn't create these kind of conditions
I wouldn't have shit to rap about
You know what I mean!

Nuff said, go check for yourself!

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