Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Queens English - Full Limit

Check this fresh tune "Full Limit" from extremely affable bunch of hip hop heads produced by Embee from Looptroop available for your ears completely free here. These guys are a tight crew doing their own very British, very polite thing, (a penchant for dressage!?) and deliver tunes that might get your gran busting out a Kangol. They are up for a Peoples Choice award, its worth checking out their page here and give em a vote if youre so inclined. Its good to see that these guys were part of the following event put on by Cowboy Tactics, a grassroots night promoting peace and debating social issues, check I.Ps own Pikey Esquire on the beatbox.

Cowboy Tactics: 101 - Night 1! from COWBOY TACTICS: 101 on Vimeo.

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Yaaru-Senpai said...

Safety! Cheers for the writeup blaad!...Here's some more video goodness!

QE:SE - The misadventures of Queens English in Sweden!!