Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Dr Dre Detox Ludacris OG's Theme

Although this blog is generally on a real liberal/positive hip hop steez I can never really get away from the fact that I got into this ish through the gangsta shizzle of Snoop, Eazy E and the whole NWA movement...I mean who really didn't? So in light of that fact I get hyped over any info about Detox (which after reading a Dre bio in 2006 that was still speculating over release dates I had consigned to the dream bin) so hearing this Ludacris tune apparently chalked to be for Dre I was excited. Even though its leaked (dont blame me, this shit is public domain!) I reckon Dre would still sound dope as hell even though Luda kills it. The fact Dre didn't write it is a moot point; everyone knows Ice Cube wrote all the dope verses for NWA so why continue the debate? Either do your history or just enjoy suckahs!

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