Tuesday, August 04, 2009

New Dopeness! Chima and Certified Banger

Mad props to Aidan from the ever ready heavy Certified Banger blog coming back with yet another rediculous free compilation of quality tunes from the UK shores. Under the Rader Volume 4 is available for free download as usual, and this one is in my opinion the freshest and most consistant yet. Having only listened through a couple of times, the whole project struck me with the high quality high temp beats that proved a wicked accompanment to a high octane workout. The lyricism was well above UK par and really showcased how UK emcees are embracing their own identities and putting in verses of a calbre worthy of international recognition. The fact that most of them are still 'Under the Rader' is fairly rediculous but proves how needed this sort of compilation is. There are enough quality bars in this release to literally bury the mainstram 'hip hop/grime/pop/autotune' garbage currently being bandied about by mainstream outlets. Go cop it now, its free so no excuses, and then go support the artists involved.

In other news every mothers favourite rapping Doctor Mr Chima Anya is back on the scene with an exceptionally well produced and flavoursome tune alongside big sax dog Soweto Kinch. Get with the movement folks!

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Anonymous said...

this shits phat man!!