Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hip Hop Kemp 2009!

Hip Hop Kemp! Hip Hop Kemp! Was the battle cry to be heard until 4,5,6 in the morning accross an ex military base in the remote centre of the Czech Republic. Hundreds of different languages, nationalities, styles and skills were repped to the fullest in this insane global hip hop gathering. I love hip hop but I think I met people out there who properly LOVED hip hop. It was dope as hell and I gotta big up my wingman Conweezy for rocking through it with me (plus the lovely London girls we were camping with...holla!)

So many good artists I cant really begin to do a review of it all;p just some honourable mentions to those who tore the place down rediculously; Reks (We crowd surfed the dude), Reef the Lost Cause, Termanology, Devin the Dude (insane) Camp Lo (beyond immense)and J-Live who stepped the plate up with an ill set of live spitting plus DJ'in similtaneously. The whole event was cool, the local town has some marvelous arcitecture...there is even a lake into which Jimmy the most hip hop Scot ran in fully clothed and ruined his digital camera (It was 1o in the morning and we had been up drinking since 7 after 2 hours kip!) Anyway enjoy the photos, holla if you're in any anf big up to Fallacy who also ripped the place up and kindly posed for photos with us! (Respect to Black Twang also, I'm pissed off cos he was the only artist I missed like a dumbass)

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