Monday, November 19, 2012

Dr Chima Anya - The Doctor's Note

Dear Vocalswordians; I have recently been delighted to receive some good news from my good friend the good doctor Chima; so without further-ado in his own words he will tell you the.... GOOD NEWS! The album has landed! You can get copies direct from me by PayPal ing £10 to (as a gift!) and I'll send you the above gift. Email me your address seperately and I'll send it next working day.
For those that are more than happy with the MP3 version, it is available at all online spots, it's even on Spotify so you can try before you buy. Here is the itunes link for your convenience! iTunes Album Download Link Many thanks to all who made this possible, click here for the direct link to the website with more details re. the album. Love yo. If the album cover pique's your interest make sure you chack out this interview Chima did recently with Public Description, Thought Process Blog.

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