Monday, November 12, 2012

WhoIsParadise featuring MCD and J The Exodus

‘Two4Se7en / 365’ marks a return to collaborative Hip-Hop for WhoIsParadise. The British born, NY raised MC and protege of the late Black Panther/ Black Liberation Army soldier, Teddy Jah Heath has demonstrated incredible talent and business acumen since his forced exile from the USA. Co-founder and frontman to the acclaimed 57th Dynasty, the MOBO Nominated, UK Hip-Hop Award winner is again at the forefront crafting the controversial themed, Anti-Black History Month single, ‘Two4Se7en / 365’ featuring J The Exodus and MCD. The proposition, Ban Black History Month in favour of celebrating the culture 24/7/365. ‘Two4Se7en / 365’ is an unapologetic, jazz-tinged Hip-Hop anthem equivalent to the visionary pairing of Steven Beko, Malcolm X and Martin L King Jr stood shoulder-to-shoulder at the podium. The accompanying graphic novel styled edutainment video is crafted to insure the past has a future. “How can you celebrate the rich and beautifully diverse nature of a culture within the confines of a 30 or 31 day time constraint?” asks WhoIsParadise over producer, Baptist C Parker’s jazz horn intro. ‘Two4Se7en / 365’ sits purposefully juxtaposed between the BHM’s of both North America and the UK and is released on the commemorative birthday of Dr. MLK, Jr.

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