Thursday, November 22, 2012

Kingdom of Fear, Chima Anya and Dee-1 Video Roll

My man Chima Anya drops some brilliant visuals to track 'Astro Thoughts' from brand new album (for more check here)while YNR's Kingdom of Fear go into drunken comic book mode with 'Sir Digny Chicken Caeser' a great take on the gonzo stylings of Hunter S Thompson....both UK videos styalsiticly pushing the boundaries, a very good look for these shores; from over the pond comes slightly more rough and ready new video from New Orleans Dee-1, however (sorry to be all redblooded ladies but) it wins in the smoking hot girl stakes and Dee-1 comes over pretty nicely in the story based track so I've thrown in into this little mid-winter video reel selection. Enjoy!

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