Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Audible Treats Podcast Flava plus King Sterlz, The Infamous Malcolm Tucker and other People of the World Today!

Holy Sound, I swear I'm blessed Featuiring Kool A.D. and DJ - I wasn't sure what to make of this joint when it first banged out the speakers but I was enjoying the sounds and got a bit amped off some of the lyrics..."Fuck hydro fracking, they making filthy water. Fuck Paul Ryan, he seems hella shady...Shout to Pussy Riot, those Russian bitches crazy" Check it! Shout to Audio Treats for putting together a banging new podcast featuring Deltron 3000 and many more...check the playlists the gang have created too, a lot of good stuff. Annnnnd finaly, a bit random but in the spirit of Vocalswords my mate on twitter@BenBrazier highligghted a series of posters on Inspirational sweary shit inspired by the one and only Malcom Tucker, check the posters here and check out the man himself if you have no clue about Mr Capaldi's skillz

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