Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Scottish Referendum Special! MOG, Kurly Hypa, Louie & Fliptrix & Rag N Bone Man....

So on the eve of a Historic decision to be made by the people of Scotland, I thought I might join the political excitment not with any analysis but just a couple slices of hip hop representing all over the map. Enjoy.  

First up bit of a lazy journalistic endeavour but by typing in 'Scottish Hip Hop' to a search engine this gem appeared. Rugged and raw and fairly apolitical, in terms of the referendum at least!

And if you managed to keep up with those speedy bars check out Louie's ode to the city of Glasgow....

Curly Hypa repps Leicester and goes in mad deep on this ill slice of real life lyracism

Last but not least the scientific funky cinematic styles of Fliptrix are given Anthem status by Rag N Bone man on this track while its visual existance rocks over the Molotov bumpin instrumental.

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