Sunday, September 21, 2014

SigNif comes to claim the game; meanwhile Chima gets introspective plus New MC Lyte, Common, 10 Beats, Has Lo & Castle !

 Signif has just droppedan incredible full length album....go get that on a loop here right after readin this post!

MC Lyte featuring Common and 10 Beats "Would you rather be fathers to your daughters?" Common absolutely smashes with the last line of a heavy verse....."Read a letter from the World and it said "Yes Y'all" ...MC Lytes' distinctive, conciously analytical and straight refreshing flow bookends this banger that is a welcome relief to to some of the more dubiously flossie material thats been submitted here lately...

And the guy who never puts out dubious business, Chima Anya come with some deep thinking on this ultra slow burner....

 And finally, fresh in the inbox comes a Cerebral Slammer from Has-Lo & Castle for you to vibe with, Peace!

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