Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Like Tupac WhoSane transcends place and time, Hip Hop from The Khemist and TriPOTHREAT

First up, get listening to this and I guarantee you will be humming the hook when you are out and about, and then feel the need to come straight back to Vocalswords to replay this. Its that good, TriPOTHREAT certainly seems true to his name. 

WhoSane gets ill on a straightup headnodder filmed in the wonderful Bangkok, some tight flows with nods to the likes of Torae and Skyzoo, this is taken from the BurntBerry x Straight Path Jewlz Mixtape; cop that here....

And finally some hardcore visuals accompany some food for thought from The Khemist on Stigmata. A nice old school feel to his flow amidst a very modern vision of dystopia and lies of which he's trying to make sense; claustophobic and intriguing.

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