Saturday, December 27, 2014

Responses to Racist Brutality from Born I and Phenomenal Raps plus music and Spoken Word

The following is taken from the press release so not my words but puts it better than I can..."I Can't Breathe" is a song that may very well capture what it is to be black in America today. It is a song mixed with rage, sadness and hope. The song ends on a tone reflecting Born I Music's Buddhist roots (when not on stage, he volunteers locally as a mindfulness meditation instructor) and ideology: "All life is precious". Sentiments are shared by Phenomenal Raps, who begins his verse with references to Radio Raheem from the Spike Lee Movie "Do the Right Thing" which provides a poignant starting point to reflections on the deaths of young black men in America.

 Followed up by a strong slice of Spoken Word, XRV, from Gregory Jerome..

And finally, its always nice to hear some spittin that is the legendary Method Man, here M-Dot elists the Wu Swordsmen on this latest cut, unfortunately it pains me to say it but the meandering verse from Tical gets outrun by the spits of fellow track collaborators.

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