Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Mega Rap Post....SBTV Cypher Tabernacle Featuring Reveal, Tony D, Harry Shotta & Heavy UK Beasts plus T-Pain, Billy BanGer, Graves 33, Snow Goons, Earl Sweatshirt, Knucklehead & Modern Day Soulja

We're kicking off this varied post with a slew of mega heavy UK bars coming from some of the illest coming through London town at the moment. As a long time Poisonous Poet's fan I had the pleasure of meeting Reveal the other day, at the Hip Hip Education Society's inagural meeting at the former Institute of Education; a very wise, fun and intriguing guy I was please to stumble over him trading bars with Tony D and other in this rugged SBTV video....

An incredible amount of turmoil has been witnessed worldwide this year and as 2014 draws to a close it doesn't feel like many situations have been resolved. Graves 33 highlights police brutality and potential repercussions.

T-Pain come hard with an evocative description of his come up.....I'm not suprised the crowd is feelin' him!

To be honest starting a busy evening working and blogging I wanted to get through a pile of music but this lil EP got onto repeat and I got hypnotised into it; check it out my top track at the moment is Chio Chio; I need to get my google on and get a few of the titles translated. After that got very sidetracked I'm sorry to say; no time to write so go make your own minds up about new Snowgoons, Modern Day Soulja and Earl Sweatshirt; I reckon there's some dopeness in all of 'em....

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