Friday, January 02, 2009

Sonny Jim Sets Bar for Mix CD Standards

If you want real evidence of the abundence of talent in the UK scene, look no further than the latest 'Trading Standards' set from the Brummie bomber, aka the sharpest chisel in the toolbox. Sonny provides a stage for a multitude of talented emcees to spit bars over an impressive array of beats, complimenting his own talents to great effect. Standouts of the set come in the form of The God Complex; Cappo and Jehst prove their legendary status while Jim certainly aint out his depth. The ante is upped with the uptempo goodness of "Stack P's" with Orifice Vulgatron and English spitting bars at breakneck speed.

The Trading Standards CD shows Sonnyjim spitting rediculous punchlines that I have had the privilidge of hearing him spitting live and off the cuff at various jams around Brum. The energy and skill he and partner in rhyme Kosyne bring to the table is evidence of the sheer dedication to and love of grassroots hip hop culture that he represents. This approach enables quality product such as this and previous release the Sole Trader EP to represent quality street music through bringing a combination of excellent production with next level lyricism, wit and vigour.

An everyman approach is exhibited with the magnificent "Balancing Act" where Sonny and fellow Brum heavyweights Redbeard and Jimmy Davis wax philosopically about the trials and tribulations of balancing artistic goals with everyday grinding, a definite one to zone out to. The Lunar Society provides a rugged picture of Brum that the original members would probably be shocked to hear with SK, Malik and Eyebs providing a tour to parts that your regular tourguides would piss thier boxers visiting...

There's a load more treats that I've neglected; but rather than read about 'em all, go show some support, cop the Mix CD, grab ya poison and check it!
But shiiit, while your waiting for postie to deliver your copy, check Jehst and Sonny ripping it down Down Under!

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