Saturday, January 10, 2009

Poem for Palestine

Today I joined thousands (an estimate of 100,000; although the BBC reported 20k, a figure that even my poor maths brain finds rediculous judging by the density of the protesters over a very large area) of citizens including Muslims, Jews and Christians in a peaceful protest against the Israeli war in Palestine. It was a very emotional event, and I was sad to hear of clashes between protesters and police later this afternoon after I had left. This did not come as much of a suprise however, as the Police had set up security railings around the streets in such a way that a bottleneck effect was bound to happen. Thousands of protesters squeezed into a small area surrounded by riot helmet clad police will inevitably raise tension.

Trying not to dwell on the negative, it was great to see so many men women and children of different background uniting for a common cause. Representatives from Palastine and Jewish organisations made passionate pleas for a halt to the violence, Annie Lennox spoke and Michael Rosen read a poem from the perspective of a child growing up in Gaza. As the protest set off, the ever concious Lowkey performed his poem for Palestine, which you can check below from where he performed it an earlier rally.

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