Friday, January 09, 2009

Its Dan Bull!

Originality, Innovation, Realness - phrases often bandied around by hip hoppers of all walks; Dan Bull proves he is the possessor of all three with his quite stunning 'Safe' album. His verses possess a refreshing honesty that, although it may not be appreciated by all, provides a much needed alternative voice. The musicality of the set is brilliant; fantastic use of guitars, melodies,rhythyms and superb sound layering complements Dan's varied styles - his ability to not just rap but really atune to the music reminds me of an indied out, slightly fragile Roots Manuva.

The album isn't a barrel of laughs, but then it's theme (attempting suicide during a thermonuclear holocaust) doesn't suggest it would be. Dan's introspection can sometimes feel overwhelming, but it is this that makes the album so authentic and is well tempered as an underlying strain of hope and beauty can be found teased out by the vibrant rhythms and soundscapes. 'Misfit' is typically brilliant ode to the loner exasperated by the banality of life which slams into the excellent uptempo disillusionment of 'Thistopia', also 'My Catharsis' puts more advice into 3 minutes than a library of self help manuals; whilst After life showcases cleverly brutal and dextrous flow. Definitely something different; people interested in creativity and all genres of music will be well impressed by the magnificently crafted 'Safe'.

No excuses not to investigate this; you can download the entire album right here: For more info and to buy the high quality version on CD check

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Anonymous said...

Fresh as fuck, album, yo.

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