Friday, January 23, 2009

It's all 10's for 777 "Septimal"

Yo!…Yeah that’s what the feck I said to myself as my head began boppin’ out fresh to this niceness. "Septimal" is one for those lyrical fiends who love nothing else but zoning out to many many syllables and twist up punchlines. Not that this is the extent of 777’s style, its just he’s pretty damn good at it; plus the appearance of Baron Samedi is well welcome early into the set on heavy ‘Swordz’.

Quotables over classic head nod beats come lovely in the ubercynical “The Man” with delicacies such as “God is an evil free speaking beast of a comedy genius” getting the cerebral wired in. ‘Masked’ is a furious chest beater attacking haters, emcees and anyone with any slight doubt as to treb’s status. The deluge of verbal assault does however calm down, and the album benefits greatly from the more reflective cuts of ‘Keep me Awake’ and moving into the brilliant parody of ‘Britain’. Honestly this should replace the national anthem so we can all go foxhunting in a Kappa tops! Justly disgusted, the lampooning strikes a rawer cord describing a scenario of the Home Office explaining to Dr Kelly's kids why their Dad's dead...I'm glad at least someone else hasn't forgotton about that travesty.

Septimal is a solid 17 tracks and is packed full of various styles, features from a who's who of underground UK spitters (Beit Nun, Joe Kobi, Baron Samedi, Redmaster, Esyoube, SonnyJim, Respeck-BA and Labal-S) and a variety of heavy beats from the likes of Zaheer, Bare Beats, Samedi, Redmaster, Esyoube and Wizard. A definitely solid set, make an effort to check for this.

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