Saturday, February 07, 2009

Mr Wrong, true filth pedaller

Depraved, disgusting, sick...descriptions most people might would'nt be happy to have directed towards them. Mr Wrong (aka Lee Scott) and his gang (the likes of Children of the Damned and Antiheroes) I'm sure would lap up such tags and then urinate on them. With this release you need to forget any sense of deceny and just submit yourself to an ear battering that, through the grime, expletives and nastyness showcases a huge amount of warped talent and humour. Despite the themes of shouting at Bizzies, nicking sweets from corners, and abusing as many people as possible the ideas do rub shoulders with the personification of paranoia, giving Mr Wrong a more rounded and philisopical character than initial impressions suggest. Extremelly dark and not for the faint hearted, this is proper dope, unabashed and uncensored hip hop! Apparently these are selling out like hot cakes so get over to the myspace and order your copy soon.

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