Saturday, February 28, 2009

There goes the neighbourhood! Unfriendly Neighbours send house prices plummeting!

The Starvin' Artist Movement hold it down for the Midlands on this heavy release from Unfriendly Neighbours (Joe Gutta and Biggaman) with dense lyrics packed with plenty of rewind quotables that make you hit the roof like Spiderpig, these fellows got skills as demonstrated on Just Spit! with an assist from everdope Sonny Jim. Its good to hear a variety of subjects covered from dealing with rediculous celebrity culture, scandelous women, dodgy one night stands, getting totally mashed and to more serious issues of addiction, every day maintaining and being dependable. The production from U.N., 2nd Suzpect, Kroscene and Sneakthief knocks throughout, and 'Looks Could Kill' has a mad funky skank bassline that got me bubblin' round the room! Also Lynne Riley's vocals sound perfect on 'Beg, Steal or Borrow'...go get this illness right here And while your waiting on your download sit back to enjoy the Unfriendly Neighbours featuring Regiimental, produced by big dawg 2nd Suzpect

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