Monday, February 16, 2009

Big L Remembered

As most of the hip hop world was wrapped up with the legend of J Dilla and celebrating his legacy, I just wanted to put a note in on the late great Big L who was fataly killed 10 years ago this sunday. Although Dilla was very influential on both a production and flow tip, there are few lyricists who have had such an impact on emcees as Big L. Just listen to the radio freestyle with him and Jaz Z; Jay is blatently trying to bite L's flow and swagger and can't quite match it. The complex flow delivery and authentic street tales made L a true legend. According to fellow DITC member Lord Finnesse, L would sit and craft his verses meticulously for hours on end...apparently Ebonics took him about 2 months to write. A master of the hip hop craft he should be celebrated and mourned just as much as heroes such as Dilla.

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